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Students of Marler Tennis Akademie get the opportunity to further school education (external) in a secondary school at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Bonn, Germany. Training is confirmed by the document of the state sample of the Russian Federation (about terms of training / end of training / Certificate).

Detailed information on the legal framework of the school, the regime of training and extracurricular activities, the methodological component of the organization of the educational process, you can get on the website of the secondary school with in-depth study of a foreign language at the Consulate General:

Tennis Academy provides an opportunity for further schooling in German schools:

  • Primary school (Grundschule);
  • Secondary school (Realschule, Hauptschule, Gesamtschule, Gymnasium).

In German schools, training takes place in the first half of the day, therefore, based on the school schedule, a special training process is organized for students of the Academy, which includes daily two-three-hour workouts (15 hours a week).

Please note: the completion of the gymnasium (Gymnasium) ends with the state exam of Germany, as well as the issuance of a certificate (Abitur), which makes it possible to receive further higher education in Germany and Europe.

We will help you with all questions concerning school education in Germany:

  • Julia Palenova, phone: +49 1775972057 (Training at the Consulate General of Russia in Bonn).
  • Dmitry Palenov, phone: +49 1787175486 (Education in German schools).