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Video analysis

Video analysis

The use of video analysis in the training process, recording matches with further processing and analysis of video information — is a necessary element in the development of an athlete, starting from a young age. Video analysis plays an important role for the coach to make decisions in the organization of further training. Detection of technical errors before tournaments, allows to prepare for the upcoming competitions most efficiently.

It is extremely important to use video analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the athlete, as well as to be able to fully assess his level at a given time: technical, tactical, physical and psychological. After carefully studying these four components, the coach can give a professional assessment of skills and abilities.

With the help of video analysis, you can consistently track and identify trends in the development of an athlete: changes in his reactions, coordination of his movements. To see the effectiveness of a particular training, to analyze the patterns of errors, to note the advantages of the athlete, leading him to victory.

With the possibility of video analysis, an athlete can see himself from the outside and compare his technique with that of other athletes. He gets a significant advantage: the improvement of his skills, as well as the development process, is much faster. Timely work on mistakes and incorrect skills helps to improve the quality of the game, and systematic and professional training in this direction will help the player to better unlock their individual potential.

Please note: the academy provides video analysis not only to its students, but also to everyone. Any athlete can contact us for advice and get recommendations from our experts. After studying the video material, we will point out the disadvantages that should be given more attention, as well as the strengths by which the player gets an advantage over the opponent.