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Basic training program includes:

  • Two-day training sessions from Monday to Friday for 3 hours (include tennis + fitness).
  • Saturday-practice matches or participation in tournaments.
  • Individual sessions with a coach or sparring partner (at least 2 times a week).
  • Accompaniment to national and international tournaments (within a radius of 100 km).

The academy offers athletes the opportunity to stay in apartments with three meals per day.

Regeneration and recovery

Great importance for regular, intense physical activity is the recovery of the body. The basis for this in the academy is, first of all, well-organized, proper and balanced three meals per day.

In addition, Marler Tennis Akademie cooperates with the world-famous Swiss company Sponsor, which specializes in the production of sports nutrition supplements. The range of the company “Sponsor” has more than 120 names of products (additives) that fill all the needs of the body during physical activity, increasing the necessary physical and functional qualities of the athlete. The products of this company are used by the world’s leading athletes, including Federer, Sharapova and others.

Please note: all products of the company “Sponsor” are certified and are not doping.

Medical services

Academy – Marler Tennis Akademie provides physiotherapist and massage therapist services.

Athletes can also take advantage of medical services such as a full physical examination and a blood test. Assistance in organizing a medical examination is provided by the Academy and is recommended to athletes 1-2 times per year.